Photography studio
拍摄风格唯美、大气、个性、时尚深受广大新人朋友的青睐同时也赢得了良好的口碑,一直以来锐摄影本着创造精品,针对每一对新人“量身定做” 婚纱摄影产品。您的婚纱您做主,打造杭城首家婚纱摄影私人会所,颠覆影楼传统,回归本色自我。用最先进的拍摄理念,针对每对新人的不同特点制定独一无二的拍摄思路.为顾客量身定做独具魅力的画面风格。
Shooting style aesthetic, atmosphere, personality, fashion in hangzhou by the majority of new friends favor also won a good reputation, has been sharp photography in line with the creation of high-quality goods, for each couple of new "tailored" wedding photography products.Your wedding you make the decision, create the first wedding photography private club in hangzhou, subversion studio tradition, return to the true self.With the most advanced shooting concept, according to each couple's different characteristics to develop a unique shooting ideas.Tailored for the customer unique charm of the screen style.
​what do we do​?
One-to-one truly full-service personal service/technical elite for your dedicated services/location truly free choice/post-design humanization/reject the process of consumption